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Latest Reviews
  • JASmith81 - 28-05-2017 11:08:43 pm
    10 /10
    Awesome show... Great suspense with excellent twists
  • Tonia302 - 28-05-2017 10:48:14 pm
    5 /10
    This show is what happens when an excellent Science Fiction premise meets generic teen TV show writing you get bland characters and boring stories, I wish these science fiction writers stop using civil rights as a template for lame Sci Fi TV shows, the civil rights movement was born out of the American Slave Trade not an Alien Race of people showing up on our planet, the more appropriate comparison would be immigration, this show could be so much more interesting if it were more scientifically r
  • wolfspirit91 - 28-05-2017 6:13:41 pm
    10 /10
    This is one of the best shows i have watched in a long while! i loved emery and roman story and there love. the alien story line was so refreshing compared to so many shows these days! i loved how drake became a softy at heart them 2 relationships would def need to stay. emery made roman an vis versa! cw was a butt for not renewing this season for a second go! i agree with another commenter i would def trade the vamp teeth ect for some Atrian tats. #BRINGBACKSTARCROSSED!!
  • rosa77 - 28-05-2017 5:00:42 pm
    10 /10
  • bamw - 28-05-2017 3:32:10 pm
    none of the links work :/
  • Astrina - 28-05-2017 2:34:13 am
    5 /10
    Nothing special actually. Doesn't have much of the old english climate, actors are just alright, you can't sink in the story. Boring.
  • cNsIndustries - 28-05-2017 1:38:21 am
    SOOOOO Sick of people bitching about the ending of season 3......When Season 4 comes, You're all gonna be glad that what happened, indeed happened (Not gonna say What's coming) But you'll all see that it was well worth it, what happened to barry. For what to come.....Is AMAZING (no joke)
  • jmdjbc1 - 28-05-2017 1:31:29 am
    season 4 Air date: Jun 25, 2017
  • nevertheless - 27-05-2017 11:39:30 pm
    worst ending EVER ! jesus what a waste
  • slyfox2310 - 27-05-2017 9:25:38 pm
    10 /10
    should definitely watch last ep of ss6, insanity!!!
  • guyjac - 27-05-2017 7:12:07 pm
    9 /10
  • bamw - 27-05-2017 2:05:39 pm
    10 /10
  • Ani23 - 27-05-2017 1:56:12 pm
    season 3 has the shittiest lamest ending I've ever seen
  • Sobedead - 27-05-2017 7:34:41 am
    This review includes spoiler!
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    ok (warming this might be a spoiler) I dont get why speedforce had to lock up 1 guy to make things work. and there are fanboys actually praise for this stupid script which makes me puke.
  • Tonia302 - 27-05-2017 1:39:14 am
    9 /10
    Tired of the plethora of unimaginative and often shallow sci fi drama's coming out of the USA? Then take a look at the Swedish sci fi series Real Humans. This very original, highly intelligent drama is both engaging and deep with elements reminiscent of Blade Runner but in a contemporary urban setting. The central question the series raises as per Blade Runner is what does it mean to be human? Are humanities humanoid robotic creations any less real than the human biological creations that brough
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